The Not so Happy People on the Fairy Tale Kind of Wedding

the royal wedding

The royal wedding of the Philippines. I know. Who would have thought that a wedding that we only knew from the fairy tales we’ve watched and read in books will actually take place in our country? Crazy, right? Everything about the wedding seemed surreal. From the jewel studded shoes, countless bridal showers, the expensive wedding gown, the prenup shoot that was taken abroad, the guests, the venue, the biggest wedding cake, everything! Every single thing about the wedding seemed out of this world. At least, that’s what I thought. Until I saw some people’s posts and comments in social media. Of course, they have negative things to say about the wedding. It’s like they’re saying, “Oops. Sorry, but may we just remind you that there is no such thing as a perfect happy ending?” Well, it just goes to show that there is always a villain in every story. 

I can’t help but feel happy when I was looking at their pictures. I felt so delighted that two people who love each other are going to start a new chapter in their lives together. It’s something that I would want for myself. And I believe that no one would tell me I’m wrong in saying that every girl would want the same thing-marry the man she loves. The fact that the wedding was fairy-tale-like made me feel elated. Elated because a part of my dream to have a wedding that I would want for myself (not the exact same one she had) came true. When Marian got married that day, I felt as though all the girls’ dream of having a grand wedding came true. At least, a part of it. Because let’s just be real here. Not all of us can afford it. And having witnessed everything gave each one of us the feeling on how it’s like to have a wedding that our hearts truly desire. I thought the wedding was a very good year ender for 2014 as it was sending good vibes and hope to people. But I guess, people can’t start the positivism two days before new year. 

Here’s what they have to say for the most part:

Ang daming nagugutom sa Pilipinas tapos sobrang bongga ng kasal nila. Wow. Sana binigay na lang nila ‘yung pera nila sa mahihirap.

Here’s my take: 

  •  So what if there are lots of hungry people in our country? (Note: I don’t mean to be offensive here. I just want to emphasize my point.) Firstly, it is not their fault that there are poor people. Secondly, they did not steal the money they used for their wedding. Not because there are lots of poor people in our country who barely has something to eat, does it mean that a Filipino cannot have the dream wedding she wants. Besides, they are donating all the money (as they told their guests that they won’t accept gifts and will be donating everything to charity) they’ll get as gifts. Isn’t that enough? I mean, you cannot expect them to just give everything they have to other people, you know.
  • Also, can we just please stop thinking that it’s the rich people’s responsibility to give away their money to the poor? Like, seriously. I don’t even know how other people think like that. If that’s the rule of being wealthy, then nobody would even want to become rich anymore for their efforts will just end up to other people.  I mean, whether you’re rich, middle class, or poor, we are all just working our butts off to earn money. Simple as that. And for those people who keep on pushing that issue let me just ask you. Do you eat more than three times a day? Do you have basically everything that an average person needs to live comfortably? I’m guessing yes ‘coz you’re able to post and comment things in social media. That means you either have a laptop or a smartphone or money to pay for internet that you’re using for something that is not really very important for a human’s survival. If that’s so, then how come you’re not giving some of your money to those who are poorer than you? Because I don’t see any difference from a rich not wanting to give away his “excess” money to poor from you, who may not be super rich but have enough money to pay your internet bill that you’re just using to spread negativity in this world. 
  • Lastly, all of us are working for something that we want. We all want to have a nice house, designer bags and clothes, luxury cars, etc. How is that different from Marian wanting to have a grand wedding or Dingdong wanting to give his bride the wedding she deserves? It pissed me off when I read some posts and comments like this. I was like, these people are talking as if they wouldn’t do the same thing or want the same thing if they can afford it. Don’t say that you don’t want to have the wedding you dreamt of your whole life ‘coz that’s hypocrisy. You want it. You want the same kind of wedding. You just say you don’t want it because you know you CAN’T have it. And everybody knows that. So stop being so nega because it just makes you look like inggit na kontrabida. 

I was really just so frustrated with those kind of people. I’m not a fan of Marian nor Dingdong, but I don’t have anything against them as well. What I am a fan of is true love. How magical it can be. But all those happy feelings one can get from their wedding are being blocked by all those negativity these people are saying. I don’t get why we, Filipinos can’t be happy for others. Why? What can that bitterness do to you? If you can’t be happy, why can’t you just zip your mouth shut and stop saying nega things about other people? If you want to be nega, why can’t you just keep it to yourself? Only blessings and words of positivism are meant to be shared to people. There are lots of people like me who just wants to be happy. We check our fb news feed, twitter, instagram hoping we can find something we can meditate on and be inspired about. Something that can lift our spirits, make us smile and laugh. But those posts, those comments don’t help. 

I hope some people can meditate on this. I just want to make a change and be an inspiration. 

Of course, I also know that people can be so in denial. That instead of reflecting and changing for the better, they’ll find a way to say bad things about this post and justify their wrongdoings. So good luck to me.

Have a wonderful day! :)


Pinay <3

P. S. No matter what you say, it doesn’t define me. It defines who you are as a person. So feel free to give your comments and show the world who you are. :)))