Who I Am and Why I Am Here

We’re now in the era of social media where people are so fearless. Yes, fearless. Fearless because they just say whatever they want to say without thinking of the consequences of what they’re saying. They don’t care if other people will get hurt. They don’t mind if they’ll crush someone’s dream with their harsh words. They don’t even care if what they’re doing is wrong.

They are fighting with people in social media. People they hardly even know. They are tweeting BS back and forth to each other. They are commenting on every single thing their eyes got a hold of on facebook. They are bashing every single person who have a better life than theirs. They are fearless indeed.

But that’s only what they think of themselves and what they might appear to be. Because the truth is, they’re cowards. They think they are so brave because they can post just whatever it is that they want the world to know. It’s like they’re saying, “I don’t give a damn. I’ll say what I want to say.” If you’re so brave, then why do you have to post that status on facebook making all of your friends wonder what’s going on with you when you actually just want to tell it to one of your friends? Why not tag him? Why not message him? 

See. That’s what I’m saying. People act cool and brave and untouchable only when they know that the person they are saying mean things with is probably on the other side of the globe. A coward nonetheless. 

I am getting so frustrated will all the negativity that wanders in social media. There isn’t any day that is peaceful and happy. Everyday you’ll always read people’s harsh comments, mean tweets and discouraging posts. I believe that’s not what those developers wanted when they created those platforms.

It’s just truly saddening for me that all this is happening. Words are meant to express love, to inspire, to make people happy, to give hope, to avoid miscommunication, to make things right, to pray. It is meant for every single wonderful thing in this world. 

But that’s not what’s happening. These social media platforms made people feel powerful. And most of us are not using that power the right way, 

I want to inspire. I want to make people realize that it’s not okay to not care about what we’re saying and what people are feeling. I want to spread positivism. I want to show them that not because we have the right to freedom of speech does it mean that we can say what we want to say.  I just want to enlighten their minds. I want people to be happy and excited to read nice comments, words of encouragement, compliments, constructive criticisms and the like.

Words are powerful. Once uttered, you cannot take it back. It creates wounds that only time can heal. It can crash someone’s dream. Words seem powerless because they are easily said. But they’re not. They can cause someone pain like no other. 

I am Pinay and that’s why I’m here. 

P. S. I know it can never be always a bed of roses. We might sometimes need to tell someone words that can hurt him, that’s okay. All I’m saying is, we don’t actually have to tell it in public. If we don’t like someone, we can keep it to ourselves or release our frustrations to our friends personally. The world doesn’t need any more evil. It has more than enough to survive another lifetime.