Can’t We Just All Be Happy?!?

I’m beginning to get tired of all the mean comments people are writing on the internet. It’s becoming very stressful. (I’m someone who finds joy in reading people’s comments. It makes my day. :) Imagine my horror reading all the hate. -_- Not. Funny. At. All. >_<) That’s one of the reasons why I deleted facebook on my phone which, I don’t regret at all. Still, I see those comments whenever I log on to my laptop to watch Aldub.

This post is not just for them. It’s not just about the battle between Aldub and that Pastillas Girl. It’s about every freaking loveteam or celebrity that people compare with each other.

I just wanna ask,

  1. Why do we have to be so involved with who’s who in the showbiz industry? We’re not part of the networks. It shouldn’t bother us whether or not what we watch gets more ratings than the other one. We’re just stressing ourselves about something we shouldn’t stress about. Let the networks get all the stress thinking about ways on how to get higher ratings. Let’s not involve ourselves in their problems. We’ll get nothing but STRESS. Stress which leads to unwanted wrinkles, which leads to premature aging, which leads to many other face problems. Who wants that? Not me! So please, just chill. Watch whatever you wanna watch.
  2.  Why do we have to compare? First of all, we all know that each one of us is uniquely different from one another. We have different preferences. If someone prefers one from the other, why do you have to feel bad about it? and again, stress over it? Let them watch what they want to watch. You don’t have to say bad things just to prove that what you’re watching is way better than what they’re watching. You don’t have to stress out the weaknesses of the competitor. You’ll just be stressed again and unhappy. You’ll develop wrinkle number 2 at this point if you keep on stressing yourself debating with other people about it. The best thing you can do is to ignore and don’t talk about it. You know how people like teasing you even more when they know very well that you’re getting pissed? That’s what’s happening here. Just simply ignore. They don’t have to like what you like. You don’t have to defend what you’re watching. Just stay away from mentioning anything about negativity. You’re just giving them the publicity that they want. It’s a lose-lose situation for you. You get stressed, they get more publicity. Just ignore. :) Plus, by doing so, you’ll also give better publicity to what you’re watching. People will recognize how good and well-behaved you guys are, as their fans. Bonus points for your idols. :)

If you’re debating with another person about who’s who, you’re hair will probably start turning into gray. Just stop it all together. As viewers, we just have to enjoy and have fun watching our own favorite tv shows. Let’s all stick to that. I love watching Aldub, that’s why I watch Aldub. Other people like Showtime, I let them watch Showtime peacefully. Simple.

If a network copies the other network, chill! They all copied something from each other because they cater to the same audience which is us. Of course they’ll create something that we like and we enjoy. As bad as it sounds, but that’s the truth. From time to time, they copy something from the other. Should we be affected by it? No. Because both of them are guilty at some point.

These networks are getting all the money from us-people watching their shows. They benefit from us. I think it’s so unfair that we have to be stressed out and fight because of the shows they produce.

Let’s just all be happy and have fun watching the tv show of our choice. You don’t have to be mean to other people if they like to watch something else. We can even freaking watch and love both of them. It’s just sad how these shows which are made to make people happy, gives birth to bashing and hating.

At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of respecting other people’s choices. It’s just so easy to voice out your opinion nowadays because of social media that’s why people just don’t care whether or not they’re being nice and respectful. They say whatever they want to say because the other person they’re having war with is probably thousands of miles away from him and he can’t hurt him, can he?

Just a reminder though, whatever you say, comment or post on the internet, is a reflection of who you are as a person. I wish everyone will choose to be the happy, positive person because our country needs a little more of that. :)

Respect one another. :)


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