Why Miss Philippines Deserve the Crown All the More

We all know about the controversial Miss Universe 2015 that happened a few days ago where Harvey made a mistake by announcing the wrong candidate as Miss Universe. It was so clear when he showed the results that Miss Philippines won the crown. Even the judges claim that they all voted for Miss Philippines.

I just don’t understand how that mistake paved way for people to think that Miss Colombia deserved the crown more than Miss Philippines.

I was appalled to see a video of the aftermath of what happened after the live broadcast where I saw other candidates cheering for Miss Colombia right in front of Miss Philippines. They were cheering loudly as if trying to say that Miss Colombia was the rightful winner. Isn’t that disrespectful? Isn’t that a form of bullying? What did Pia do to deserve such treatment? She did not steal Miss Colombia’s crown because it was rightfully hers in the first place.

When I saw the video, in my mind I was thinking, that’s exactly the reason why they did not win the crown. I was asking myself, these ladies, how will they answer the question,  “Why  do you deserve to be Miss Universe?” because clearly, those ladies who acted like that did not deserve to win the crown at all. Someone was even saying to Miss Philippines, “Why are you here? Go away!”

When they were busy doing that, Pia tried to give the crown back to Miss Colombia. While they were bullying her and disrespecting her, Pia showed compassion and humility.

Another incident was with Miss Germany who blatantly said that no one voted for Pia and Miss Colombia deserved the title. An educated person will not say that. And why involve other candidates over this? You did not know exactly who they voted for, right? Not because you don’t like Miss Philippines and there are few of you who favors Miss Colombia, it doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same way. Oh, and do you know that Pia is half-German?

I’m just so enraged about how some of the candidates reacted like that. Why did you think  Miss Colombia deserved it more? In which area did she perform better than Miss Philippines?  It’s hard to tell because during the question and answer portion, no one understands what she’s saying. She has an interpreter who of course delivers her answers in a more “convincing way.” Isn’t that advantageous even for Miss Colombia that she’ll go right there and answer the question feeling so confident to be speaking in her native language? Feeling like she doesn’t need to worry because someone will translate it perfectly for her? Having extra seconds to think what her answer will be, while the interpreter translates the question back to her language when she understood the question perfectly in the first place? Isn’t Philippines in a disadvantage there? To hear that she can converse in English when she was interviewed right after the pageant makes me wonder why she even had a translator to begin with.

I’m not taking it against Miss Colombia. I’m just saying why I think Pia deserved the title more than her.

The whole event showed the true colors of the candidates. Some were good sport, accepted the results, and supported the winner-Miss USA, Miss Bulgaria, Miss Australia, Miss Myanmar, Miss Sweden, Miss British Virgin Island, Miss Mauritius and others not mentioned. Thank you very much!

Well for others who were on the video, I want to tell you this:

When you bullied her, disrespected her, disrespected the results, disrespected the judges decision, Pia maintained her composure, showed compassion and humility. Goes to show why she deserved the title more than you. I hope that your countrymen will still feel proud that you represented them after acting that way.


One thought on “Why Miss Philippines Deserve the Crown All the More

  1. I completely agree with you. You noticed how supporters of Miss Colombia bully Pia on social media by saying that she’s ugly and that Miss Colombia deserved it more because she’s prettier? That’s the only thing they can point out because they know deep inside that Pia may not be the prettiest contestant, but she had the best answer among the three.

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