Hindi ko Kayang Iboto si Duterte

Before you start hating me, bashing me, I want you to hear me out first. If you really care about the good of our country, then you’ll have an open mind to this.

My aim for this post is to move you, make you wonder, as well as give a different perspective about the issue. Please don’t close your mind about this topic right away and please don’t be narrow minded. I’m not saying that you have to agree with me. I just want you to have an open mind, consider what I’m about to say and see if it makes sense.

I want you to know that I respect whoever you’re voting for this coming election. ‘Wag lang sana si “alam-niyo-na”, PLEASE lang.

Ang dami lang kasing lumalabas sa news feed ko na mga dahilan daw kung bakit ang mga non-Duterte supporters ay hindi in favor of him. Which, upon reading most of them ay hindi naman close to reality. At least in my case.

Sabi sa post na nabasa ko, hindi daw kasi sosyal or classy si Duterte kaya daw ‘yung iba ayaw siyang iboto. I’m like, “Where is the connection between class and becoming a great President???” Hindi naman monarchy ang type of government natin. Wala akong kiber if hindi super refined ang magiging presidente natin as long as he can do great things for our country. That being said, I am also aware that a president’s manners can greatly affect our ties with other countries. But as long as the benefits we’re getting from his presidency outlives what we’re losing, I can live with that.

And, no. Hindi ko ibinoto si Duterte hindi dahil hindi siya classy or sosyal. Hindi kami ganon kababaw.

There are a lot of things I admire about Duterte. There’s no doubt about it. He is a good leader, yes, but I’m just not sure if he is the right person for our country right now. There’s no question that he loves our country and hopes a better future for us Filipinos. I just have an issue on his way of implementing justice.

It’s not a secret among us how he’s been delivering justice in his own hands. And it seems that he is planning to continue with what the path he started. He admitted into shooting someone, punching someone, killing someone. Is that the kind of justice we want for our country? ‘Yung wala ng due process? ‘Yung magkamali ka lang, hindi ka na karapat dapat na mabuhay? Pano pag naframe up ka lang, tapos nahuli ka? Papatayin ka ng walang kalaban-laban. Sorry na lang kasi, nahulihan ka. Ganoon ba?

If our leader has that kind of mentality, that is the same mentality that he will implant to his subordinates. The police force, the people who are supposed to protect us from criminals, might end up being the same people whom we will fear our lives from. Instead of being protected by them, we might end up protecting ourselves from them.

Hindi ba, totoo naman na whatever the leader does, ‘yun ‘yung ine-embody ng followers niya? Especially right now that a lot of Filipinos look up to him. These people will follow his lead. And if his belief is that it’s okay to take someone else’s life if he deemed that he committed a crime, then that’s the same belief that his followers will adopt. And it’s going to be so easy for them to say, “E bakit si President?” Pano pa kaya pag mga pulis na? They can easily hide behind the power and authority that their status have-that it’s their job as policemen to use force if needed para maprotektahan ang nakararami.

I don’t know about you guys, pero ako, I can clearly envision the whole thing. The way Duterte speaks, his arrogance (which I don’t hate, btw), can send the police force to Nirvana and end up  abusing the power they have. Just try to think about the effect of how he does things. It might have worked for Davao, but the whole Philippines is a totally different issue. He cannot control the whole country the way he got Davao wrapped around his fist tightly. What I’m trying to say is, hindi niya makikilala ang lahat ng kapulisan sa buong Pilipinas and look after what they’re doing and how they will execute his command. Pano nga pag may umabuso? This is in no offense to the police force pero realistically speaking, totoo naman na marami pa rin ang ganyan.

Hindi lang naman ‘yung issue na ‘to ‘yung rason. Aside from fighting and eliminating drug syndicates, and bring the crime rate in the whole country to the lowest rate possible, if not totally eliminated (which I doubt), he doesn’t have clear platforms. He doesn’t have concrete plans. It seems to me that he will just figure everything out when he’s seated as the president. During the debates, in most questions, either pabara at pilosopo mga sagot niya or kokopyahin niya ‘yung gagawin ni Miriam.

But you know, what I mentioned above, mapapalampas mo up to an extent ee. Ang hindi kaya ng konsensiya ko is ‘yung iboto ko ‘yung taong alam kong walang alinlangang kikitil ng buhay ng isang tao, just because he thinks that person does not deserve to live anymore. You cannot talk about peace and order if you’re holding guns in both hands ready to shoot everyone you deem an offender. Right now, you might think it’s okay because you can’t see the big picture yet. Without due process, there’ll be chaos. Pa’no pala pag naset-up lang? Naframe-up? Wala ng chance ipagtanggol sarili? Sorry na lang kasi you’re caught on the act? Ang labo ee. Siguro nga big picture na ‘tong sinasabi ko. I know it can be a big what if pero, ayokong bigyan ng chance na mangyari ‘yun is all I’m saying.

Hindi rin kaya ng konsensiya ko na everytime may napapatay na kriminal na hindi naman dapat humantong sa ganoon ay uusigin ako kasi maiisip ko, parang ako na rin ‘yung pumatay sa taong ‘to.  Hindi man ako directly, but I voted for his death. Hindi ko kaya ‘yun. Hypocrite as it may surely sound, I still stand by, “Thou shall not kill.”

Naalala ko, kailan lang ‘yung issue na naman about LGBT sa statement ni Pacquiao. Kung makagamit ng bible verses ‘yung mga tao para ikondena ‘yung kapwa nila, wagas. Akala mo mga terorista sila kung makakondena ‘yung iba. Pero, ngayon, suportado nila ‘yung extrajudicial killings. Funny, eh? Wonder what kind of logic is going on there. Pag bading, kahit walang ginagawang masama, makasalanan agad. Pero ‘yung pumapatay or nagpapapatay, gino-glorify??? -_-

It’s hard when society’s values and God’s teachings clash. Right now, we’re so caught up on what other people think about us. What’s our status, whether we’re an iphone user or not, whether our trainers are Nike’s, if we have something flashy to post on facebook to keep up with people we don’t even like, and so on and so forth, that we forget what’s really important:

What does God think of us? 

Sa pagboto, it’s just a matter of what kind of principles you value and which ones are non-negotiable. It just so happened na for me, I’d rather vote for someone who is recovering from a sickness rather than someone who will brand his own form of justice as he sees fit.

In this coming election, may you not regret whom you voted for. All of them (except one), will offer something good to our country. May mas magiging magaling lang talaga sa kanila pagdating sa execution, of course.

Anyway, good luck to all our bets. In the end, we’re all after the best interest of our country. Good luck Philippines!!! May you finally have the kind of president and citizens you deserve!

May everyone be reminded as well that it’s not just going to be up to our government. In the end, they cannot help each and everyone of us.




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