Dear Kuletz

Dear Kuletz,

For being mad about what happened, I’m sorry.
For not understanding where you’re coming from, I’m sorry.
For not respecting your opinion, I’m sorry.

I was hurt, I admit. I was mad and couldn’t accept that you have an opposing opinion regarding an issue that is important to me.

I was childish. I was immature. I intentionally seenzoned all your messages to me. Not just that, but I also deliberately replied back to your messages coldly.

I lost all my senses. I forgot that no matter what happens, I should show respect. Now, my heart is filled with regret.

I can’t believe I let that issue stained our relationship.

Six years of solid friendship and I let something trivial affect it.

I miss our friendship.
I miss how close we were before.
I miss how we can just go talk about every single thing without having to hold back. Without having to think about what I have to say.

With you, I can act however I please.
I can act like a baby who needs some spoiling.
I can act all mature who thinks she knows everything.
I can cry and be hurt and know it will be fine.
‘Cause I know you’ll accept every single thing about me.

I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me.
For coming to my life and for staying.
I love you so much and I miss you badly.
So let’s patch things up and go message me.


Your kuletz

I hope you’ll always be,
The kuletz I’ve known since I was sixteen.


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