Anime Feels Kind of Outfit

This morning, I was off to somewhere. I picked out my outfit within five minutes ’cause I’m already running late. I put them altogether and was impressed on how my outfit looks so put together (based on my opinion, of course). It’s crazy ’cause it takes me forever to come up, try on and change outfits before I become satisfied. Plus, I didn’t plan the outfit. I just opened my drawers and picked them out randomly without thinking and put them on.

The bottom line is, I liked the outfit I came up with. :) (Sorry. I’m obviously pleased with myself.)

Too bad I couldn’t wear it in our CLP program. So I changed outfits and off I went again.

After coming from today’s program, I was thinking about what I should post for today. I’m not in the mood to stress myself further by blogging about the current dilemmas of our country. Then I remembered my outfit and thought to myself, “why not just post an outfit of the day?” So, viola! Here’s my instapost for today.

I love this outfit so much because it gives off an anime vibe. Skirt and knee-high socks just give the anime feels, don’t it? Maybe it’s just me who thinks that way. Oh, well. I love anime so there’s no helping the obsession with this outfit. :p

I don’t do cosplay so this is the best I can do to sprinkle a touch of anime in my outfit.

Just a heads up though, I’m an extremely awkward person and you’ll easily see it in the photos below. I have no idea what I was doing earlier. Haha. I need to take lessons and practice on how to pose, how to project and stuff!!! I also don’t know how to edit photos and make the effects that enhances a picture so, bare with me, please. Anyway, I just thought it was fun and I’d thought I’d share it with you guys. :)

Here it goes…

Hope you guys like it! :)))

P.S. Sorry for my bitch face.


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