I’m flat. So what?!

Photo credits to the owner.

This post might be a little too controversial considering how sensitive people are these days regarding “body shaming” comments. Just a disclaimer, I am in NO way body shaming anyone in this post. All I’m gonna try to say is, love yourself a little more.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this post while I was checking my news feed earlier. I find it funny. Funny cause I straight out felt the frustration of the person who made this for not having “big thingies”. (By the way, #thestruggleisreal for finding appropriate words to use for those things. The struggle is real folks. Anyway, let’s just call it thingies for the purpose of this post. We’re on the same page here anyway. You get what I mean so it’s fine.)

Moving forward, as much as I find this graphic funny, I find it weird at the same time. Weird because FOR ME, I don’t get why girls make such a big fuss about it. So what if you don’t have it? Why do you make it such a big deal? Of course, there will be some of you who will say that “you’re just saying that cause you’re flat chested and you wanna make it look like it’s okay and that you like it and that you’re fine with it.” But I really am fine with it. Okay. Scratch. I’m not fine with it. I’m happy not to have it.

Why? (Please do remind yourself that these reasons below are MINE. MY personal feelings regarding those thingies. Why I think those big things will not be a good match for ME.)

  1. I can wear any style of clothes that I want. Let’s be honest here. Not all types of clothes look good with those big thingies. Like for example, turtlenecks. At least FOR ME, they don’t look very appealing.
  2. It’s not too hard for me physically. I have a cousin who’s got those big thingies and she complains a lot about how hard it was for her during high school whenever they have PE class. Until now she complains that it’s heavy and that she can’t maintain a good posture because of it. Having heard that, I can just imagine how much it hurts whenever her “full moon days” (aka period. I call it full moon days cause like wolves, we go crazy during those times.) cause it already hurts in my case (when I barely have it) what more that she’s got them big?
  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like when you have big thingies, most of the time, people tend to focus a lot on that. Like it’s all they see. That’s just based on my observation. I don’t really want to say especially for guys cause I don’t want to be sexist but, we all have guy friends one way or another and we know how they perceive those things. Not that it has to be something perverted but it will get their attention enough to check it and mention it casually. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just really me. I’m highly introverted so maybe that’s why it doesn’t sit well with me. And I just don’t like it when people will view you based on something as trivial as that.

Girls, whatever you have with you, embrace it. I didn’t say those things just to make myself feel better when I wasn’t blessed with those big things. It’s really how I feel. I love how small mine are. (Lol. This sentence gave me a good laugh.) But really. Even if I were to be born again and I be given a choice on how big I want my thingies to be, I will still choose it to be average sized and not big. Be happy with what you have.

Whenever you’re wishing to have someone else’s body part, always remember, everyone has their own insecurities. Even the most beautiful girl on Earth. That girl you find so mesmerizing might be wishing she had your lips, or nose, or ears, or feet. You just have to love your own body parts. Those ladies you look up to, they look beautiful because they FEEL beautiful. They know they’re imperfect and they embrace that imperfection. They learned to love themselves a little more every day and every day they become more confident and that’s what we see. Because that feeling of loving yourself, and accepting your flaws, that’s what makes a person beautiful.

So love yourself a little more each day. Accept your flaws.

Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL. <3


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