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What We (Pinoys) Should Realize

Dear Kababayans,

Philippines has come a long way since the Arroyo regime. A lot of changes happened. Ever since President Aquino became our president, I started to feel hopeful that it’s not yet too late for a change to occur here in our beloved country.

It’s just truly saddening for me that not all Filipinos are very pleased with the Aquino administration. I know, I understand your frustrations about the never ending problems of our country. I too, feel hopeless sometimes. What’s just sad is, some of us are blaming our dear President for the things that are already too much for us to ask from him. For things that are beyond his control and for things that are not even possible for anyone to accomplish anymore, given the same situation.

Let me explain myself clearly my friends.

A journey to a thousand miles starts with a single step. And with continuous baby steps afterwards.

My point here is, we cannot expect President Aquino to fix all of our country’s problem just like that. He only has six years to do the BEST he can for our country. Change doesn’t happen overnight, folks. We should know that.

I am not saying that President Aquino handled everything perfectly as a president. There are things that shouldn’t have happened or things that he could’ve done better. Still, we should be understanding because he is human like us. Not because he’s the President of our country does it mean that he can’t make mistakes because that’s just plain impossible. We, as children of God, should know that.

Every single time I watch tv and see our fellow kababayans rallying against Pnoy, I can’t help but ask myself, “Do they prefer the Arroyo administration? Do they prefer a president who took all our money away from us? What did exactly GMA do during her reign that made other Pinoys so mad at what Pnoy is doing for our country now?”

If not, then why are they doing this?

It all boils down to human nature to not be contented and happy no matter what. People always find ways to bring other people down. People will always have something to say.

It’s just so frustrating for me because these Pinoys expect our president to solve every single one of our problems. It’s so frustrating because they expect him to just magically turn Philippines to Unicorn Island in six years. I’m just like, “You cannot even solve your own problems and you expect him to solve every single problem you have that you can blame to our government?”

Our government is here to serve as the country’s backbone. But we, on our own, should be the ones acting mainly towards the change that we’re aiming for.

For instance, people won’t stop blaming the government for the lack of action against floods. I know they have their shortcomings but my question is this,

As a citizen of our country, have you done your part?

Did you throw your garbage in the right place? When you can’t find a garbage bin, did you keep your trash inside your bag until you find a trash can? Or did you, like most Filipinos, throw your garbage carelessly on the streets? When you saw someone littering, what did you do? Did you politely ask him to not to litter? Or did you, like most Filipinos, just pretend that you did not see anything? Most of us think carelessly about these things. Some of us are thinking, “It’s JUST a candy wrap.” Probably. But we’re talking about 100M people’s trash, will it still be JUST a candy wrap?

During the election period, when there’s a politician who’s vote buying, what did you do? Did you tell him off? Or did you, like most people, accepted his “help” and voted for him? Just from the act itself, you know he will not do good. Still, you sold him your vote. And here you are expecting a “better” life in his administration. He bought it, let’s say for P1,000.00. After one or two days, that P1,000.00 is gone like you never had it. Your life did not become better. And it will not be, until he’s in the position. You’ve forsaken your better future, your family’s chance of better living, the community’s chance of a better life and the whole country’s chance of a better Philippines. You’re thinking it’s just you. But sad to say, a lot of people choose the wrong way. And all of us have to suffer the consequences of the wrong decisions made. I know life is hard and it can really be tempting to accept an offer of “HELP.” But let us all remind ourselves, is P1,000.00 worth 3 or 6 years of misery?

After the politician’s HELP has been long gone, now you’re here complaining about what’s happening in our country. Blaming everything to the president who’s trying his best to make things right. Poor PNOY. Everything became his fault all of a sudden.

What people fail to realize in this whole scenario is, our president is on the top. He can’t control everyone under his governance. He’s doing his best but still, there’s only so much he can do. If the officials in the lower offices are not practicing what he preached, how can we expect an all out change?

From where we were before, I think he’s done enough during his stay. He might not have accomplished a lot, but just the fact that he gave all the Filipinos hope that a corrupt free government can happen, that’s already enough for me. I saw how the hope he gave us Filipinos arose each and everyone’s desire to make our country better and to have high hopes for our country and fight those alligators.

He’s done his part. We, in our own little ways, should do our part as well. Instead of complaining, why don’t we act on those things we can do? Why not maintain the cleanliness of your own surroundings? Influence your kabarangays  and make your barangay famous by being one of the cleanest areas in our country? This is the easiest way we can get rid of floods. Take part on what’s happening in your area. Speak up and stand up to the problems that are happening. If there are things you know shouldn’t be happening, report it. There are ways where you don’t have to be known before you can report it. We have Bayan Patroller, You Scooper among others, which allows us to send and report things we think are suspicious or things we think should be applauded by others. You don’t have to show yourself if you don’t want to. Just let them know you want to keep your identity private.

Use social media to spread the wrong deeds in order to stop it. Use social media even more to spread good deeds to inspire everyone who can read your posts. Utilize the resources we have. Facebook is not just for lovelife updates. Twitter is not just for banters and for people who want to hate. Instagram is not just for outfits of the day. They’re so much more. They can offer so much more than that.

If we really want some changes to happen, we have to do something. How can we expect things to change if we keep on doing the same things over and over again? It doesn’t have to be grand. Just little things. Start on not littering. How hard can it be? Study and educate yourself about this coming election especially the candidates you’re considering to vote. Don’t just go with the flow. Stand up for what you believe in and who you believe in. Just make sure that you’re supporting someone who’s on the right path. (You know what I mean.) Inspire others and hopefully change their minds if they’re someone who needs guidance.

We must remember:

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Change shouldn’t be left alone with the government officials.

Change should start within YOU.

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Dear Vice President Binay

I am writing this because I had enough. Everyday, I encounter posts on facebook about you and all the “greatness” you think you can bring to our country as well as all those criticisms you have against our current administration which just sound so absurd to me because you are actually part of administration na sinisiraan mo.

As early as we enter grade school, we were taught that president and vice president should help each other as well as work hand in hand together. If he fails to execute something, you should be the one who will think of ways to solve the problem. But as I see it, all you do is tell us Filipinos the “palpak” things that Pnoy did, blame him for everything and of course, tell everyone what you would do if you’re the president of our country. You see, that’s where everything starts to be questionable.

Ang taong gustong tumulong, taos puso ang pagnanais na makagawa ng pagbabago, ay kayang gawin ang mga pagbabagong ito ng hindi kinakailangang maluklok sa pwesto.

But you my dear vice president, you have all the power to make a change. If you think you’ll be so great for the Philippines this coming 2016, why haven’t you done so much change during your term as vice president? All the issues you’re throwing against our President, the MRT issue to say the least, why didn’t you do something about it yourself? Why? Because you don’t want to do something unless you are going to be rewarded and praised SOLELY for it. 

I know that being a vice president has limits in terms of what you can actually do according to our Constitution, but it doesn’t mean that because of that, you’ll stop doing the things you think will bring good to our country. But I guess, that’s where the difference between someone who genuinely wants to help make a change and someone who wants to have power to make a change lies. How I wish you belong to the first one.

Two years ago, I already sensed everything you’re doing. All those helping the balikbayans, I knew you had an ulterior motive. All those acts, as good as they were that time, lack genuineness. From that day on, I knew something was up. I was right. And here you are now, blatantly telling the whole world how greedy you are of power. You don’t have any decency anymore. Every opportunity you can get, you grab it and make sure you make the most of it. All your “HELP” in the form of relief goods, rosary, school supplies, yes, they are wonderful. If only your intentions are great. In every single thing you are giving people, you never forget to remind them where it came from. Those relief bags with your name printed on it, huh! You even make sure that people will remember you when they’re praying as you made it sure the rosary bracelet has your initial “B” printed boldly on it. I wish God will approve of your actions. And if only, you’ll still do the same things even if you’re stripped off the power, but I doubt it. Tsk. Tsk.

There are far too many things I want to tell you that I don’t know what to say first, what I should follow it with and how I can make all the Filipinos see through your actions.

You said you will deliver your own SONA??? Let me tell you, we don’t need your lies. We need FACTS. And I don’t think that VP Jejomar Binay and FACTS actually go together.

You’re a vice president but you don’t act like one. You’ve started campaigning ever since you became the vice president. And now, you’ve become far too aggressive. I wish you luck on your strategy. But lucky us, it’s started to backfire on you.

When the senate invited you to explain yourself about those issues we all know, you refused. You said you’re already judged by the people. Yes we judged you, because you became coward. We knew you were hiding something. A person who is clean and is not guilty of anything will not be afraid to say anything. He will not be afraid to be judged because he knows he holds the truth.

And can you please, please stop acting as if you own Makati? You are not the reason that Makati is the way it is now. Don’t claim what Ayalas did to Makati as your doings. If people, especially those living in Makati know how much budget Makati actually has, they will be asking, “where did all our money go?” Makati is Makati majorly because of Ayalas. And it’s soooo beneficial to you because you can just pocket the people’s money because of them.

I had too much in my mind that my brain cells got on haywire. My displeasure on you Mr. Vice President is too overwhelming that I get stressed out every single time I see a post regarding your accusations, criticisms and claims on what you THINK you can do to our country.

I truly wish you can still sleep well at night. If only you still have conscience.

Remember my dear vice president,

God is watching.

Who I Am and Why I Am Here

We’re now in the era of social media where people are so fearless. Yes, fearless. Fearless because they just say whatever they want to say without thinking of the consequences of what they’re saying. They don’t care if other people will get hurt. They don’t mind if they’ll crush someone’s dream with their harsh words. They don’t even care if what they’re doing is wrong.

They are fighting with people in social media. People they hardly even know. They are tweeting BS back and forth to each other. They are commenting on every single thing their eyes got a hold of on facebook. They are bashing every single person who have a better life than theirs. They are fearless indeed.

But that’s only what they think of themselves and what they might appear to be. Because the truth is, they’re cowards. They think they are so brave because they can post just whatever it is that they want the world to know. It’s like they’re saying, “I don’t give a damn. I’ll say what I want to say.” If you’re so brave, then why do you have to post that status on facebook making all of your friends wonder what’s going on with you when you actually just want to tell it to one of your friends? Why not tag him? Why not message him? 

See. That’s what I’m saying. People act cool and brave and untouchable only when they know that the person they are saying mean things with is probably on the other side of the globe. A coward nonetheless. 

I am getting so frustrated will all the negativity that wanders in social media. There isn’t any day that is peaceful and happy. Everyday you’ll always read people’s harsh comments, mean tweets and discouraging posts. I believe that’s not what those developers wanted when they created those platforms.

It’s just truly saddening for me that all this is happening. Words are meant to express love, to inspire, to make people happy, to give hope, to avoid miscommunication, to make things right, to pray. It is meant for every single wonderful thing in this world. 

But that’s not what’s happening. These social media platforms made people feel powerful. And most of us are not using that power the right way, 

I want to inspire. I want to make people realize that it’s not okay to not care about what we’re saying and what people are feeling. I want to spread positivism. I want to show them that not because we have the right to freedom of speech does it mean that we can say what we want to say.  I just want to enlighten their minds. I want people to be happy and excited to read nice comments, words of encouragement, compliments, constructive criticisms and the like.

Words are powerful. Once uttered, you cannot take it back. It creates wounds that only time can heal. It can crash someone’s dream. Words seem powerless because they are easily said. But they’re not. They can cause someone pain like no other. 

I am Pinay and that’s why I’m here. 

P. S. I know it can never be always a bed of roses. We might sometimes need to tell someone words that can hurt him, that’s okay. All I’m saying is, we don’t actually have to tell it in public. If we don’t like someone, we can keep it to ourselves or release our frustrations to our friends personally. The world doesn’t need any more evil. It has more than enough to survive another lifetime.